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Ready for a real
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Ready for a real change in your medical practice? This is it. Age Management Medicine is the science you respect and the superior patient care you desire—and it’s completely inside the private-pay sector, free from the medical insurance and government maze.


Equally important, Age Management Medicine can be practiced part-time or full-time, as an immediate add-on to your existing practice.

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The growing aging population—triggered by 79 million baby boomers in the U.S. alone, with Generation X following on their heels—has changed the definition of those “golden” years. Traditional retirement mentality is now passé with more people 50 years old and over taking on new careers and daring to face off with 30-somethings.

Medicine has to keep up. That’s where Age Management Medicine steps in. Patients are typically 35 years and older, professionals, accomplished, educated and in the higher fiscal percentile.

And given that every 8 seconds an American turns 50, our medical specialty is primed to fit the increasing need of a generation passionate about not “growing old”—yet at the same time, helping the 40-to-60 something