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Focus on

Four Key
Building Blocks

These building blocks, in synergy, are essential to optimize a patient’s health span and quality of life.

The Foundation of robust living & a conditioned body

Every aspect of the program is a vital component to support healthy aging and address each patient’s specific health needs. Our goal is to stave off age-related decline and optimize the aging process for healthier, more robust living.

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Crucial for preventing or delaying age-related disease. Resistance training, cardio and flexibility exercises are incorporated into a customized, results-oriented program.

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Low-Glycemic/Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Strategies to achieve metabolic balance and regulate blood sugar levels. Each customized recommendation plan is based on an individual patient’s medical needs and health goals.

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Individualized Nutrient Assessment

Often necessary for even the healthiest diets. High quality vitamin and nutrient supplementation may be recommended to address apparent deficiencies.

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Hormonal Evaluation

Endocrine balance is the goal. Serum levels of sex hormones are evaluated for both men and women. If clinically indicated, hormone therapy may be initiated. Laboratory markers, including blood hormone levels, are followed at regularly scheduled intervals to ensure safety and appropriate ranges.