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A comprehensive health evaluation is core to patient’s success and incorporates the science behind Clinical Strategies for Healthy Aging.

An Approach
backed by strong
scientific support

Healthy Aging medicine is a customized, proactive approach, targeting the aging process—all backed by strong scientific support. Setting metabolic, physiologic and hormonal goals, the evaluation goes far beyond the conventional medical screen.

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For maximum patient benefits, we recommend a comprehensive health evaluation including:

  • Physician consultation to include:
    • Extensive personal and family medical history
    • Lifestyle questionnaire review
    • In-depth analysis of previously drawn comprehensive lab panel
    • Complete physical examination
  • Personalized Health Coach consultation to create an individualized nutrition and exercise regimen
  • DEXA (bone density, body fat percentage, muscle mass)
  • CIMT (carotid ultrasound)
  • Neurological chronometric assessment
  • Exercise assessments to include:
    • Resting measurements
    • VO2 max for cardiovascular endurance & conditioning
    • Muscle endurance
    • Core strength/Stability
    • Flexibility
    • Balance