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Foundation for Healthy Aging Faculy, Contributors and Board Members

Rudy Inaba

Clinical Instructor

Rudy Inaba is the VP of Health Performance for one of the leading concierge health performance management practices in the country. He is a recognized fitness and sports nutrition expert with 15 years of experience in clinical exercise physiology and lifestyle management.

After pursuing his Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Rudy launched his career in Health Performance where he now oversees 19 clinical locations nationwide. He is responsible for creating physician education in the areas of kinesiology, nutritional biochemistry and strength coaching.

Rudy is the host of an online educational series, designed as a part of an organized outreach to patients, to better understand concepts of healthy aging. As an integral member of the clinical leadership team, he has helped to develop and oversee quality assurance programs. He has also worked to design custom clinical & sports performance programs and formulations.

Rudy directs and manages a national team of more than 20 health performance coaches with respect to protocols, procedures and interpretations of clinical outcomes. With the health performance coaches, Rudy performs diagnostic assessments, clinical exercise testing and patient consultations, on how to manage the aging process with nutrition, exercise, and nutrient supplementation.